Gordon Poultney - Personal History

 Last updated : June 19, 2003

Even before I read Peter Godwin's book, Mukiwa, I had in mind to write the story of my life in Rhodesia and what has transpired since then. Having read Mukiwa, which is really the quintessential story of many a white child's life in Rhodesia, I am even more inspired to record my own tales. At the beginning of each section listed below I will state the basic facts of that time and then, as time permits, lower down each page I will recount the stories and anecdotes of those time periods. I hope that you will visit frequently and enjoy these with me.

Balla Balla Days - Irisvale Ranch 1958 to 1965
Rhodes Estate Preparatory School (R.E.P.S.) 1966 to 1969
Plumtree High School 1970 to 1975
National Service - Internal Affairs (Mount Darwin) 1976

Bulawayo Hotel School - Victoria Falls 1977 to 1978
Troutbeck - Caribbea Bay - England 1979
England - Canada 1980 to 1982
Zimbabwe Suns - Gramma Records 1982 to 1987
Chimanimani Mountains and Outward Bound Melsetter   Please note this hyperlink takes you to a separate web site 
Canada 1988 to Present

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