Gordon Poultney - Balla Balla Days

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I was born in the Bulawayo General in March 1958 and raised on Irisvale Ranch which was three miles south of Balla Balla. My father, (Harold) Mort Poultney, managed the ranch for Bartelus (Pvt) Ltd which was owned by David Butler, well know Salisbury businessman and Rhodesian yachtsman. The ranch was made up of six farms - Irisvale, Charter, Strathmore, Folleys Luck, Balmoral and Amazon - which had been purchased during the 1950s and combined to form a block of 46,000 acres (a relatively small Matabeleland ranch actually) which stretched from the main Bulawayo - Beit Bridge road, straddling the Umzingwane River, almost to Filabusi in the east and butted up against the TTL's in the south.