Poultney Family Photo Album - Cai Jace

Born on Monday April 10, 2006 at 12:30 pm at the Stony Plain Hospital
Cai pronounced C as in "cat" and ai as in "eye" is a derivative of the Scandinavian name Kai

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One hour old

At home - 7 hours

At home - 7 hours

Am I not so cuuuute? !

0 birthday cake ! 

Me and my grandma

Me and my grandpa

Hmmmm !

Hands holding me

Great grandparents


Generations of hands

The Easter Moose

Starting to play

My hair

Anne Geddes look out !

Ever so cute

Two months old !

Bath time

Happy chappy !

With GG Rita

On  holiday

Holiday spot

Four generations

Holiday fun

On the beach

More fun

Going for a walk


Mmm - steak !

Sitting up

Autumn fun

Autumn fun

Six months old !

Spiderman !

Now Santa

Hangin' out

Bath time



Many moods

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